Plastic surgery remains an interesting field. The fact that it sometimes combines medicine and surgery with vanity, creates many questions.

Wikipedia has a good overview of plastic surgery here if you are in search of that.

In this article we will discuss the basic ideas around the popular topic of plastic surgery. Obviously in many cases people need plastic surgery because of an injury that leaves them without a hand or with significant burns. No one debates that plastic surgery is good in these cases. It is used to try to restore that person’s body to what it once was.

But what about when there is arguably nothing wrong with someone and they want to make “enhancements”? Is it vain and shallow to want to use cosmetic surgery to improve your appearance? Some people says yes, others say no.

There are different perspectives from which you can view this question. One could argue that the individual seeking plastic surgery is only affecting themselves so they should be free to do it. Why shouldn’t they be permitted to try to improve their physical appearance if that will make them more happy? After all, American society seems to value “happiness” over pretty much everything else. And probably no one would argue that having a higher self esteem is a bad thing.