When we say San Diego, for the purposes of this article, we are referring to “San Diego County”. If you’ve never spent time in San Diego, you may not realize that outside of the large city of San Diego, there are many other cities across a very large county.

San Diego county is the fifth most populous county in the entire country, and the second most populous in California. It is comprised of over 3 million people. San Diego is known for its great weather, and for good reason. For the large majority of the year, the weather remains mild and comfortable to the point where most people wear a t-shirt and shorts or pants.

Along with the great weather, San Diego has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. With more than 70 miles of coastline, you can imagine the number of fantastic beaches available. And, when summer time comes and the weather gets to 80+ degrees and sunny, many people choose the beach as their favorite pastime.

Inherently, the beach can be a place of insecurity for many people. Most people have a less than perfect body and a less than perfect tan! Obviously self esteem can also be based on a state of mind and some people remain confident despite their physical imperfections. However, some people inevitably want a little boost. Plastic surgery can sometimes offer that boost. And, plastic surgery doesn’t have to be drastic or overly noticeable.

We recommend Dr. Yale Kadesky as a San Diego plastic surgeon. Dr. Kadesky is highly trained, experienced, and passionate about helping people through plastic surgery. Located in Escondido, he can also be affordable than some of the higher priced facilities in La Jolla and Del Mar. But, patients don’t have to sacrifice any level of care or outcomes. If you view Dr. Kadesky’s website you will see many impressive testimonials and before and after photos. The post-surgical looks are often very natural in appearance.

With a little boost from a good plastic surgeon, you can find yourself more confident at the San Diego beaches. It can become a place that you can enjoy instead of feeling insecure about your body. If you live in San Diego or have a chance to visit, please take advantage of the fantastic weather and amazing sand.

Again, those looking for San Diego Plastic Surgery should look no further than Dr. Kadesky and his team in Escondido. He specializes in facelifts (including minimally invasive facelifts) and rhinoplasty. However, he can perform all major procedures in their full operating rooms in Escondido, California.